March 12, 2010

A Modest Proposal

 "I shall now therefore humbly propose
my own thoughts,
which I hope will not be liable
to the least objection."

- Johnathan Swift
"A Modest Proposal" [1729]

Now that the five ring circus has packed up its tent and moved on
it is now, alas, time to pay the piper.

Two days after the closing ceremonies of the 2010 Olympic games
the BC Liberal Party brought down the Provincial Budget.

And guess what?

There's no money left.

In fact, there's a projected shortfall of almost three billion dollars.

What are the Liberals going to do about it?

In two words > Funding Cuts

Funding Cuts for Arts & Culture
Funding Cuts for the poor.

There is, as far as I can see, only one solution to this problem.
The artists of British Columbia must rise up as one,  and...


Face it, there just isn't enough government money to go around.
So it's us or them.

If we kill the poor, just imagine how much money
the province will save on welfare payments.
Then the BC Liberals will surely repay us the favor
by restoring funding to Arts & Culture.

And what to do with all those corpses?

Well, my starving artist friends - Bon Appétit!

"Cannibalism in Autumn" [1936] Salvador Dalí

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