March 8, 2010

When Jupiter Aligns With Mars...And Other Bullshit.

    Every morning thousands of seemingly rational people open
their newspapers, and check their horoscopes.


 But Why?

Certainly in this day and age most people should know that
 astrology is bunk. And it they don't they should be told.

   Horoscopes Are Horseshit

What bothers me most about astrology is that it cloaks
itself in science; or sometimes even claims to be a science.

It's nothing of the kind. It's a pseudo-science.
a pseudo science that falls to pieces under
actual scientific scrutiny.

And yet people still believe.
I bet you know someone who actually 
believes in astrology. 

Here's what I want to say to those people >

Let's walk through this, shall we? 

To simplify things, and correct me if I'm wrong,
astrology basically states that when and where 
you were born determines not only your fate, but also
your personality, and, furthermore, this is dictated by
the positions, and 'relationships' between the celestial
bodies of moons, planets, and stars.

" As above. So below."

It's a wonderfully romantic notion isn't it?
But it's not true. And can not be proven.

If you wanted to scientifically test your theory
here's what you would have to do:
Find two (or more) non-related people who were born
at the same time and place, (Babies born on the same day
in the same hospital, for example) and follow them 
throughout their lives. By the rules of Astrology these 
two (or more) individuals should both (all) have 
similar personalities and fates. 

       I'm betting they don't.

I'm betting you can tell a lot more about someone's
fate and personality by asking them who their 
parents were. Your parents (or at least one of them)
determine where you are born, and, when you are 
a child, where you live, where you go to school, and, 
sometimes, how many siblings you have. 
Not to mention your early financial circumstances, 
and what you watched on TV as a kid.
All far more influential on your fate and personality
than the moons of  Neptune, believe me.

Want another argument against astrology?

How about plane crashes?  

Plane crashes that have no survivors.

In such a crash all passengers suffer the same fate
at the same time.

Does this mean that these victims 
all shared the same sign of the zodiac.
Or were born in the same year?

Probably not.

Here's one last experiment >
One you can actually perform.
Take a copy of today's paper. 
Cut out the horoscope, but remove the sign
of the zodiac from each "prediction".
The next day, show some of your friends these
'predictions', then ask them which of the twelve entries
best described the day before.
The chances of them selecting the prediction that
fits their sign of the zodiac?
About one in twelve I would think.

In the city I live in we have a weekly newspaper that 
dedicates a half  of a page each issue to horoscopes.
What's more, there's an annual edition of the paper 
dedicated to pages and pages of astrological predictions
for the coming year.

The writers and publishers (and, I'm assuming,  much
of the readership) of this particular newspaper seem
to be made up of rational, secular, intelligent human beings.

Why they continue to publish this nonsense is beyond me.

But then, I'm a Scorpio.


  1. ...that explains it, Scorpions are inherently cynical.

  2. Astrology and various other sundry New Age snake oils are like comfort food. They are easy on the palate, go down smooth and leave one with a warm fuzzy feeling in the tummy.

    Confronting one's being-in-the-world, in all its nakedness, chaos and Godot-like absurdity is like being force-fed overcooked broccoli with cod liver oil slathered on top.

    Superstition sells.